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Murphy, '04 - 28" MLaRe 7.5" semi.dip. Shocking cream-white cascade UF, ruffled edge. Award winner, long blooming. Superlative parent.

When I walked out of the house on July 12, 2000 to do my hybridizing, I was shocked, then got goosebumps. I knew that this flower was THE ONE. I was so excited that I left work early that day to see how it looked and to take photos. The next day, about 5 people were as excited as me. I was going to name it something cool with snow in the name. Margo asked me to name it for her. Actually, didn't ask ... It is a very light creamy pink on cool mornings. Most days, and all hot days, it is a cream white. The edge is very ruffled and whiter than the petals. The throat is chartreuse to green. I registered it conservatively with 3 branches and 19 buds. It can have many more with good culture. The scapes come up at different times, ensuring a long bloom season. It does some rebloom two weeks later. The parents are some of the best for ruffles and late bloom. It is a good parent. It proliferates heavily, down in the foliage. Two minor faults - it blooms just at the top of the foliage and sometimes has too many buds on the scapes to allow them to open freely. IT PROUDLY WON AN Award Of Merit, an Honorable Mention before that, and in 2016, the Lennington All America Award.

Parentage: AFTER AWHILE CROCODILE X LOCH NESS MONSTER( triple fans for 15 bucks.)

2016 winner of the AHS Lenington All-American award!

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Woodhenge Gardens
Jim Murphy & Margo Reed
3191 Plank Rd.
North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 979 3999
cell (434) 981 5212
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