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( Murphy 2017) 5.5" EMRE Dormant Diploid 39" Unusual Form Crispate

This great plant is many colors. Overall, a reddish lavender bitone, it has a strongly yellow throat, and cream edge, that becomes much whiter in hot weather. Sunfast in all conditions here. 4 branches and 29 buds, and very fertile. I have some very nice seedlings out of this, in reds, lavenders, and purples, all with some color patterning of this type. In 2017, it bloomed from 6/22 until 8/1 on first scapes and is currently blooming on August 15th, with more scapes coming. If you live north of here, don’t expect rebloom, except rarely, but South of here, you should have reliable rebloom on scapes with 20-30 buds. It will bloom a long time north or south. NEGATIVE IMAGE by (COMPLICATED X MARGO REED INDEED)

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