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(Murphy, 2015) 34" EM 7.5" dormant diploid

Bright, clear red with strong green throat pattern extending halfway out the tepals, split with a striking cream midrib on tepals. 3 branches, 20 buds. Unusual form cascade. This daylily has extremely bright red and very deep green for a vivid contrast seen across the garden. Very sunfast for us, up to the mid 90's at 7pm. Long bloom season, and very fertile both ways. The name comes from my favorite place to hike and rock climb in Virginia.
Limited availability, but the sibling, Uncle Sams Cut is available for a lower price. It is just as showy.

(Rose F. Kennedy x Snooks Harville/BJ Crichton selected seedling)

This seems to be a breakthrough in RFK kids- fast growth, coupled with color that holds well in the afternoon summer sun.

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