$30.00 Double Fan



(Murphy, 2013) 39" ML 7" dormant, diploid, extended; Unusual form - cascade

(Spiral Galaxy x Just Jessie) 4 branches, 25 buds

Lavender Red Cascade, darker band, with very large cream and green throat, cream midribs, and cream edge. Named for our famous dog and friend, Davey. Check out the image under More Info - this one has just a mass of blooms, branches, buds, and strong scapes. It blooms heavily for 3 to 4 weeks, with every day a show. The highest branching and bud count of my 2013 intros. 2022- 5 way branching and 30 buds.

Double fans

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3191 Plank Rd.
North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 981-5212
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