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Murphy, '06 - 54" L 7" dor.dip. UF- cascade Tall light purple cascade that twists and curls as well as cascades. Strong, vigorous grower, with perfectly presented blooms.

I knew this one would be an introduction the first day it bloomed. A gorgeous 7" light purple unusual form cascade, carried high on 54" scapes with 2 - 4 branches, and 20 or more buds. The color changes on this one daily, starting out light reddish purple and end dark lavender, with vaguely blue-ish watermark. It has thick, strong scapes, with lots of proliferations, and it is a bud builder. Blooms have white midribs, yellow throat, green heart, and a ruffled white edge on hot days. Fertile and sun-resistant, with wide, dark green foliage.

Parentage: After Awhile Crocodile x spider seedling

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3191 Plank Rd.
North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 981-5212
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