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(Murphy, 2012) 52" EMRe 8" Dormant Diploid UF Cascade Extended

A very tall, large cream Cascade with purple band, chartreuse throat, and cream midrib. This very imposing plant is in bloom for 3 months with moderate bud building and instant rebloom. Sunfast at 101F at 7 p.m. Rain resistant. Three branches, 22 buds initially, more after bud building. I feel that this one is worthy of awards and would like to get it distributed, so I dropped the price to make it more affordable. Started blooming June 30 and is going strong on July 23rd, and starting to make new buds. Thanks to Cynthia Marriott for coming up with the name for this one and continuing to bring up good names!
2017- Bloomed from June 22 until October 26.

Parentage: MONACAN TRAIL x JUST JESSIE. Fertile.

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