$40.00 Double Fan



(Murphy, 2020) 30" M 5.5" dormant, diploid; 3 branches, 17 buds; Double-95%
Parentage: ((Crooked x Zada Mae) x Together at Last)
Absolutely glowing gold and orange blend that lightens to creamy gold in the afternoon. In my quest for hard dormant layered double diploids, this one checks all of my boxes. It doubles almost always, and shows around 90% layered form. Sunfast, period, with freeze resistant foliage! Pairs well with Brother Coal.
I registered it with 3 branches OOPS! Clumps this year have perfect 5 and 6 way branching and a large amount of buds. It is very consistent and reliable. Should be hardy in zone 3-4 based on it's parents hardiness. If you live in 3, I would like to send you one for shipping costs and you can let me know. Jim
2021- Very good rebloom two years in a row.


This image shows both layered and petaloid forms. It was taken at over 90 degrees F.

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