$70.00 Double Fan



Murphy, JP, 2022 6" ML 37" Dormant Diploid UF Cascade
Chris is my second youngest nephew, now a special young man, and picked this one! On hot days, this is black purple, and on cooler days, it takes on a greyed or frosted look with pronounced black eye. Green throat, and cream midribs, with blooms facing up and out. Shorter than it's sibling, Darkest Night, it looks very different in the garden. Open wide on cold mornings, and very sun resistant for such a dark flower. 3 branches, 20 buds, all perfectly placed above the foliage. Blooms about 5 weeks here. Very fertile and a great parent. Out of (Brer Rabbits Baby x "Ace") x (Focus) Metzger's Purple Storm
Proven hardy in Wisconsin Zone 5b.

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