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Murphy 2015 48" EMRe 8" dormant, tetraploid 3 branches, 23 buds, very sunfast Unusual Form – Cascade ( Fish Face x Freewheelin)
Tall, huge, stunning yellow with large jagged purple eye, green throat, blue-green foliage. I tagged this seedling on its’ first bloom. It has proven its’ worth in 4 seedling seasons. It can have taller scapes with more branching in exceptional conditions. All cultivars have qualities and considerations. This one checks most every box, except is not pod fertile. The scapes are thick and strong, but a few have leaned over in thunderstorms when they have several 8 inch blooms, but it is not the dreaded flopper... Going to flower shows? Bring this one. Wide and broad branching with well spaced flowers.
Excellent again in 2018.
2022- Magnificent this year, very showy.

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