$40.00 Double Fan



Metzger 2011 43" EMRE 7.5" DOR DIP UF DOUBLE

We are introducing this new cultivar for David after watching it and loving it for 2 years. It is a light lemon self UF cascade double that reliably reblooms for us. It has many different looks , but most of the time it is a layered double and a 95% or better double. Not only is it a good garden plant, but has produced some of the best layered double spiders and UF's that I have seen. 3 branches, 18 buds. It is out of HOWS THE WEATHER UP THERE by FIRE FLY FRENZY. It has a tiny green heart. It allows non double spiders and UF's to produce double offspring, but not every time. (See images of two offspring ) Pollen fertile only, but very strong pollen

Large single fan or small double fans

Very Limited

Metzger Seedling

This is an example of what offspring ones sees when using TOGETHER AT LAST as a pollen parent. It turns some spiders into this look. I am not sure what to call it other than a Layered Double Spider.

Metzger Seedling

Here is another example of what David has in his seedling bed using TOGETHER AT LAST. Both examples were TOGETHER AT LAST by SINGLE spider.

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