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(Murphy- JP, 2023) 46" M 8" Dormant Diploid, UF Cascade
Lemon cream with a jagged red black eye. Light green throat. The scapes are among the sturdiest that I have ever seen on a diploid. A really excellent contrast in colors coupled with a bloom habit that allows blooms to open up and down the scapes. Heavily branched and budded. 4 branches and 27 buds. In 2023, I have a plant with 6 branches. Excellent Parent with a future intro for 2024.
Named for the former Light House near the current town of Stingray Point on the Chesapeake Bay at the eastern terminus of Route 33. The original name came from colonial times. Captain John Smith was stung by and seriously injured by a Cownose Ray at this location. He was tended to by a Native American healer who used a specific salt mud poultice to help his injury. The area got its name after this occurrence.
Out of (Busy As A x Opal Road). Proven hardy in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, Zones 5a and 4b.

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