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( Murphy-JP, 2023) 26" ERe 5.25" Dormant Diploid
Cream with extremely variable blue eye, usually etched in violet. Sometimes patterned with charcoal, blue, lavender. Not registered as a poly, it exhibits 20% poly on first scapes and 40% on second scapes under good conditions. 2 branches and 18 buds on small plants, better on a clump. Janice Wood asked me to name this for her after seeing many different images. She has those piercing blue eyes, as you may have noticed.
I am introducing this at a high price and as a hybridizer-only plant for several reasons. It is glacially slow to increase. It passes on amazing attributes to its kids and grandchildren. It has pattern, poly, and rebloom genes that express in different combinations. I have at least 25 seedlings under evaluation from it. It also, with the right parent, has very vigorous children. It took me 5 years to get about 12 plants, and most are already spoken for. It increased maybe at a 2/1 rate in good conditions, and our average is 5/1.
Out of (Energy x (Jim's Evil Grin x Faulkner Seedling))
**** As of 5/27/23, we have one plant available for August or later shipping. ****

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