$75.00 Double Fan



( Murphy, 2021) 48" MRe 7" Dormant, Diploid, Unusual Form Cascade

Cream with a rosy-violet pattern – an etched, jagged eye pattern, and chartreuse throat.
Tall, with well-spaced branching and excellent rebloom here.
Out of (Busy As A x Opal Road), two very good parents. It is producing some great, tall, patterned kids. Pollen fertile and somewhat pod fertile. 4 fans and 14 buds.
Last year and this year, we had at least three sets of scapes in our gardens in 5 different areas. I think that it will reliably rebloom in zones 6-8, and might in 4-5. 2022 we had 5 sets of scapes on two clumps and 4 sets on another.
Many reblooms in Maryland also. Jim

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