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(Reed, 2013) 42" EM 6" semi-evergreen, diploid (?) Unusual form cascade.

The Light Dawns is a lovely, pearly cream with a light yellow applique pattern in the throat, and a subtle violet eyezone edging the applique. It has 3 branches and 22 buds and is pollen and pod fertile. The color is stronger on cold mornings, and in the heat it becomes almost white.

I registered it as a diploid, but it sets pods and produces viable seeds with both tets and dips. Because the parentage was unknown, and not many diploids have applique throats, I tested it with both dip and tet pollen to decide on its ploidy. I still do not know for sure, since both worked. In spite of its indeterminate genes, it makes a great garden display, and is fun to play with.

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