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(Reed, 2018) 42" MRe 7" dormant, diploid, Unusual Form-cascade

Opal Road is the best of a large number of patterned seedlings from the cross of a Faulkner seedling with my Cherry Peacock. It is tall, dormant, and diploid, with a large bloom with good substance. Its outstanding characteristic though is the clean, clear colors. It is a clear near-white cream base color, and the patterned eyezone is sharply defined and ranges in color from cream to berry to rosy purple. Many layers of color appear, and the pattern can range from one concentric circle of cream to four. Even when less dramatic pattern is showing, it is gorgeous shades of color. It is a uf cascade-spatulate form. Pollen and pod fertile, it is a good parent. It has re-bloomed for us twice this fall, opening well in cold weather, and with extended bloom late into the evening. It has two branches and 14 buds. Parentage: (Faulkner seedling x Cherry Peacock) Supply is extremely limited.

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