$15.00 Double Fan

Held For Increase


40" MRe 7.5" dormant diploid, extended.

Unusual form, cascade.

This light pink-cream with a bright rose-purple feathered eye is tall, well-branched (3-4 way) with lots of buds. It has an extended bloom season, and often reblooms. It is a CMO, open on cold mornings, and has good substance even late at night. It stands up through 90-100 degree days and rain. It is consistently showy and dependable. It is named after Jessie Cohen, a daylily friend who had a great garden and gave me much encouragement and support. It is a great pollen parent (but hard to set seeds as a pod parent), passing on the eye and great plant habits to many seedlings. Probably out of Flight of Orchids. ONLY 2 PLANTS TO SELL. Note from Jim - truly excellent parent, especially pollen. Makes branched kids.

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